Privacy Policy

Date of last modification: January 28, 2024


"CTCL" refers to the operator of this website, Brayden Regis.

What is collected

The Website

Information that is automatically collected on the server side when an user visits any webpage consists of:

The "main" version of the website uses client side scripts to attempt to collect the following:

The client-side script that collects such data is called "clientinfo.js" and is loaded from the path "/static/clientinfo.js". This script is not loaded and is not present in the "lite" compatibility version of the website.

This information may be provided or generated by the web browser or the device and is not collected from any other means.

Content Use

Examples of how CTCL content is used and shared publicly on other platforms may be recorded. This includes but is not limited to: screenshots including messages sent by CTCL, use of source code or designs in other projects,

Once again, this data is not shared with any third party and is instead used to help observe how and if my content is being used and is benefiting others.


Photos taken by CTCL that contain personally identifying information or other persons are not shared or used publicy without consent of any party represented in the photo. However, such photos may be stored on CTCL systems indefinitely. However, if these photos are shared publicly, such personally identifying information is removed beforehand.

Publicly accessible information

CTCL may retain publicly posted information from other platforms indefinitely, even if the original post was deleted or made unavailable to the public. This includes messages and social media posts.

Game Servers and Other CTCL Hosted Services

Log data and user content from game servers and other public services hosted on CTCL hardware or on a CTCL-managed VPS may be collected and stored indefinitely. This includes IP addresses, usernames and the dates of login.

CTCL managed chat services and communications

Messages in chat groups including Discord "servers" with CTCL-managed chat bots may be recorded and stored indefinitely. As stated before, if these chat services are hosted by CTCL, all data from these chat services may be recorded and stored indefinitely.

Discord bots

Messages and other data in Discord "servers" with CTCL-managed bots such as SLAG may be recorded and stored indefinitely.

This includes but not limited to:

How the information is used

Data listed above, under "Information that is collected", may be stored indefinitely on servers within the United States of America, currently the states of New Jersey and Virginia. This data is not shared with any third party.

Collecting such information is used for, including but not limited to:

Third Party Websites

This website may mention other websites or contain links to other websites. CTCL cannot take responsibility for personal information collected on these third party websites, nor does CTCL monitor or accept responsibility for the accuracy or content of these other websites.

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