Naming Scheme

Guides for the naming of my projects

Guide about the codenames used for software and hardware projects.


Computer software projects such as web applications and desktop applications.

The website itself

Fully custom inventory management software

Browser-based contact manager

CalDAV tasks client

Custom Discord bot

Hardware Design

Projects with custom circuit design and firmware.

Android tablet experiment

Android tablet experiment idea

Calculator keypad peripheral device

PC Hardware

Computer systems that I use that are assembled from off-the-shelf parts.

General-purpose desktop computer system

Workbench desktop computer system

Laptop computer system

Former general-purpose desktop computer system

Planned experimental desktop computer system

Experimental desktop computer system

Former, now experimental, desktop computer system

Bookshelf PC for displaying a To-Do list

Main smartphone

Dedicated 3D printer interface

Series of server systems for use with service hosting

Dedicated storage server

Router and firewall server

Automotive and Mechanical

Projects that surround the development of automotive, mechanical and mechatronic systems.

Project surrounding the upgrades and potential computerization of a Go Kart

Creative work

My creative work such as game design and photography.

Custom community maps made for the 2011 puzzle game Portal 2

Creative photography and video project

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