Technical Support

I offer various kinds of technology support and consulting remotely and within the areas of Bon Air, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Moseley, Rockwood, Hallsboro, Richmond in Virginia.

Small Business and Home Technology Support

I have experience in the management and setup of Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) environments from personal, educational and work experience.

Desktop and Server Assembly

I have much experience in the planning, assembly and maintenance of desktop computers, laptops, servers and similar devices from personal, educational and work experience, especially with my former employment at 2nd Life Inc. in Richmond, Virginia.

"Polyethylene" hardware platform after its reassembly in August 2023 - September 4, 2023
"Lisdexamfetamine" hardware platform being prepared for DRAM testing - October 9, 2023

This includes gaming computers which I have built many for myself and others.

Desktop gaming computer built for a classmate on March 27, 2023 - March 27, 2023

Game server setup

I have experience in the setup of local and remote servers for various games including the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.

"Polymethylmethacrylate" pictured on the left being prepared to test a Minecraft server in-game - January 5, 2024


I can aid in the design and development of various types of software.

Language Experience

I mainly use the Python programming language for server-side and client-side software projects because of its popularity and ease of use, allowing myself to complete projects faster.

For software in applications that require performance such as embedded devices and data processing, the Rust programming language is used. Other languages are used when they are needed.

Advanced Experience

I have the most experience with these programming languages in these applications.

Intermediate Experience

I have some experience with these programming languages in these applications.

Beginner Experience

I do not have that much experience in these programming languages in the listed applications but I am willing to learn more about them.

Web Design Experience

I can design and develop websites and web software of varying complexities by hand, with web frameworks or with web editors.

This entire website is designed, developed and maintained by myself. The project page related to it can be found here.

I have released a couple other web application projects so far called ContactList and ToDoKiosk.

Building Consulting

Matterport and Photography

I have a great amount of experience in completing Matterport 3D scans of small to large buildings in professional environments. I can complete Matterport scans for real estate and insurance purposes.

Matterport Pro2 set up in Fort Myers Beach, Florida - November 3, 2022

Along with Matterport, I have experience in photographing the interiors and exteriors of buildings.


There are multiple ways to contact me:

These are available upon legitimate request:

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